JR Marine Services - Qualified Shipwrights, Lake Macquarie
Qualified Shipwrights Operating in Belmont, Greenpoint and Lake Macquarie with over 10 years of experience.

Trailer boat maintenance

We repair and maintain all Vessel types from Speedboats to Yachts

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We have a local Warehouse where any kind of Vessel can be towed and repaired on site. We take on many kinds of Vessel types such as:

  • Speed Boats and Motor Yacht Boats

  • Fishing and Trawler Boats

  • Ski Boats

  • Runabouts

  • Bowrider Boats

  • Cruisers

We provide protective Anti-fouling on site on all kinds of boats, reducing damage from growth.
Our Warehouse is near by Lake Macquarie Marinas such as Marmong Point and Marks Point.

Marmong Point: 30 mins drive

Marks Point: 7 mins drive